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Padres Unidos

Contact: Diana Ibarra

Padres Unidos is a group of parents for the Latino Community, interested in the well-being, growth, and development of our children inside the school of Mountain View.

The group was founded on October 2016 with the help from our principal Mrs. Rider and our Community Liaison Diana Ibarra and with help from our other members of the group. They have done many things to unite the Latino Community so they can get more involved in the activities of their children and to be part of the school.

Our goal is to make the community grow and stay strong, accepting new ideas to make Padres Unidos better and better each day and this is only possible with your presence and collaboration of every singe one of you.

Because of this motive, we give you an invitation to join our group, give us your ideas, help us clarify your questions and feel free to participate. In that way you can be part of the development of your children.

Our meetings are once a month, in the Library of our school. Any questions or need information you can call the school at (503) 356-2660 or E-mail us at  We are excited to hear from you!