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Beaverton Schools


Contacts: Ms. Lindsey, Mr. Grant and Ms. McGill 

When: November 2022

Time: Nov. 15th, 16th and 18th

Starts: 6:30pm in the Cafeteria


theatre mask




Gravestone Manor

by: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

Pioneer Drama Service


You will love this hilariously haunted collection of vignettes full of chuckles, chills, and thrills! At Gravestone Manor, Griffin, the ghost-host (affectionately known as the gHost) guides the audience through seven madcap sketches.  There will be wild werewolves playing nice for date night and monsters competing in a television game show.  From runaway robots and brainless zombies to “velcoming” vampires and ghoulish gals Sheila and Evelyn (who are really just visiting from the HR department of a young girl’s brain to do an annual performance review), you will be squealing with delight!


picture of drama actors
Picture of girl on stage
picture of girl on stage for drama


See Ms. Lindsey (E1), Mr. Grant (C7) or Ms. McGill (C5) for more info.