Chromebook Care

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Protecting your Chromebook

  • Do not add any stickers or any other decorative items that would alter the appearance of the Chromebook from when you receive it. 
  • Do not tamper with school tags that are present on the Chromebooks. 
  • Use both hands when opening the Chromebooks. 
  • Do not hold the Chromebook by the screen. 
  • Always close the Chromebook before walking with it. 
  • Running in the hallways is prohibited--keep in mind that all students are now carrying Chromebooks. 
  • Never pack your Chromebook with other materials. Keep it separate from textbooks and other heavy objects that could potentially damage the screen. When in a backpack, ensure it is protected from loose debris in your backpack that could clog ports. 
  • Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook--they are not allowed on the table / desk tops. Beverages should be stowed on the floor. 
  • Treat your Chromebook as a valuable material--do not leave it lying around. 
  • Do not place items on top of your Chromebook or the keyboard. Do not lean or put pressure on the top of the Chromebook when it is closed. Do not store the Chromebook with the screen in the open position. 
  • Chromebooks do not like excessive heat or cold. They should not be exposed to over 100 degrees or under 32 degrees. Do NOT put your Chromebook under a blanket, on the dashboard of your car, etc. Do not block air flow when device is on. While your Chromebook does not get overly hot as a traditional laptop might, it does need to breathe. 
  • Damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately and follow the Beaverton School District Damage Protection Policy.