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August 2019

Greetings Mountain View Community,

Mountain View Middle School will be a little different this year in several important ways:

  1. We have a new bell schedule, where all classes are 60 minutes long, and all students are following the same bell schedule. Students will now be able to access all levels of performing arts, regardless of their grade level. We will continue to have three lunch periods, and a wide selection of electives, but they will be mixed grade levels now. Please see the new bell schedule on our website under “About Us” and let us know if you have questions.
  2. We will allow students to wear hats and hoods. This is a common middle school agreement which I support. Our students and staff will work together to make sure that hats and hoods are worn with PRIDE and do not interfere with the educational process.
  3. Cell phones and ear buds must be off and away (not visible) while students are in the building. Students will not be allowed to use cell phones during class, at lunch, before school or after school as long as they are in the building. This is also a common middle school agreement that I support. There is a lot of research about the impact of the distraction that phones provoke. It is clear that having phones out, or on during classes has a negative impact on learning. If you need to reach your student in an emergency, please call the main office 505-356-2660. If your student needs to reach you by using his or her cell phone, they can request a pass from their teacher, and make the call in the attendance office.
  4. We have a new Project Based elective class (labeled “Science Enrichment” on students’ schedules) that will use the middle school engineering and design learning targets. This class will support students working on a project which answers a guiding question (for example, “How can I improve my community?”). Students will publish their projects in the form of videos, presentations, papers, or interactive displays for their school and greater community.
  5. Our school is under construction for a new entrance system during the school day. I will be surprised if this project is finished before students come back. We will post signs on the doors to help direct you; thank you in advance for your patience.
  6. We will now have an Advisory class every day, for every student. The purpose of our advisory is to make sure that each student has an adult that they can connect with, a community of students they belong to, and a place for them to build positive culture. We will use the Second Step Curriculum ( for a lot of our community and character building. After we get started with the school year, this time will also be used two days a week for students to access teachers for extra help, to make up work or tests, or to extend their learning beyond the current course work. 

Our website has recently been revamped. If you’re having problems accessing it, please start with the Beaverton School District website and follow the school link. You can find a wealth of information on our website, but some links may still not be working. Please email us if you see something not working, or incorrect; we love to make it right!

Honored to Serve This Community,

Wendy Rider